17 Ways To Increase Engagement With Zoom

17 Ways To Increase Engagement With Zoom


#6 Be Happy & Smile

This one may take a bit of practice for you but it will certainly be worth it. You are right to be serious about your business but if you approach your Zoom event with a serious face all of the time then your audience are not going to like that. People are naturally attracted to happy, smiling faces. So give this to them.

You can practice this in the mirror. When you have a smile on your face you will talk with a smile as well which is infectious. It is impossible to smile all of the time and there will be times when a more serious face is appropriate. But a general happy and smiley demeanor will do wonders for your Zoom engagement rates.

Something that you may like to try in your Zoom events is standing up when you are presenting. This can often help you to feel happier and more likely to smile rather than frown. You can use a standing desk to help with this. It may seem a bit weird standing up at first but it does work.

#7 Check Your Background

Nobody wants to see evidence of your cluttered life in a Zoom meeting. If the room that you intend to use for your events is full of stuff then get rid of it. You can use virtual backgrounds for a more professional experience.

If you want to use a natural background then check to see that there is nothing that will distract your audience. Large clocks and pictures in the background can divert attention so move these out of sight.

Do everything that you can to minimize distractions. Put your phone on silent. If you have messaging apps on your computer then disable the sound notifications. Little kids and pets are cute but they can ruin a good Zoom event. Keep them out of the way when you are running your business event.

Choose a room that is the quietest in your home or office. It will be distracting for your audience to hear noises outside such as traffic, people raising their voices in the street, workers digging up the road and so on.

Set up a one-to-one meeting with a friend or family member that you know will critique your background and environment and tell you the truth about how distracting it is. This is great feedback that will help you to make the necessary changes.

#8 Dress For The Occasion

If you are having a Zoom call with friends or family then it doesn’t matter if you look like you just rolled out of bed. That “just got out of bed” look is not OK for your business Zoom events. Wear nice clothes and be sure to groom yourself so that you look your best.

Forget the tatty t-shirt and the stuff that you normally wear when you are relaxing at home. Wear a nice shirt and a jacket – something that is appropriate for a business meeting. Put in the effort here and don’t give your audience the impression that you just couldn’t be bothered.

#9 Keep It Short & To The Point

You need to be respectful of the time that your event is taking. There have been a number of studies in the area of human attention spans and they have concluded that people respond best to new information in 7 minute chunks. So you need to prepare your Zoom events with this in mind.

When you are passionate about your subject it is very easy to ramble on far too long. You need to be disciplined about the timing of your event. Keep everything as short and to the point as you can.

A Zoom event needs to be interactive and it is a good idea to check regularly with your audience that what you are saying is making sense to them. Let them ask questions if they are not sure about anything. This is a good way to break up long sessions as well.

#10 Let Your Audience Know Who You Are

This is especially important with webinar events. It is good to give your audience some background about who you are and what you stand for. Don’t make this too long or you will bore your audience. Most people could care less what school or college you attended. But they will be interested in why you started your business for example.

You want to give the impression that you are qualified to be hosting the event. Your audience will expect you to provide value and want to perceive you as an expert in your field. So tell them what makes you the right person for them to pay attention to.

#11 Use Stories & Real Life Anecdotes

People like stories. This is something that successful copywriters know and have been using for decades. When you are presenting in your Zoom event use as many stories and anecdotes as you can. You want your audience to be able to relate to what you are discussing and stories are the best way to do that.

If your event is for lead generation then provide examples of how other customers have used your products and services to good effect. Tell your audience why you created your products and why you are so passionate about them. Tell your audience about how you failed initially if this is appropriate. Just add the human touch to your Zoom events.


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