The Moral Marketer

Welcome to The Moral Marketer’s blog

I am so glad you found your way here.  My ultimate goal is to change the face of marketing from the unethical pool of sales tactics to a more harmonious and morally-centered approach to business activities.  It is becoming more and more rare to find business people that actually care about the impact their business activities make on their clients.  I believe we, as marketer’s and business owners, can make a nice living doing what we love without using exaggerated claims and selling garbage products.              

So Who Is The Moral Marketer?

Defining myself has never been my strongest quality.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t like talking about myself.  I am an ‘other people’ focused person.  Probably why I am such a good coach and counselor.  I have always wanted to help others, no matter what I do this is the focus for me.


I naturally have a deep understanding of psychology which has helped me greatly in business.  I am a clairsentient, more commonly known as empath.  This gives me the ability to connect with others on an emotional level quite easily.  I literally feel the emotions of others near and far.  Not the easiest path as I cannot turn off this emotional radar I possess. 


I have been an entrepreneur my entire life, although I started acquiring skills for marketing online since 2008.  As I sit writing this bio, at this present moment, I have the ability to perform every task necessary to building a business online.  It’s taken me 10 years of self-learning and new ways of marketing online are continually being formed, so learning and teaching what I have learned is always and forever going to be part of my daily life.


Philosophically, I have always been a constitutionalist.  Although I recently discovered my beliefs are more in alignment with the concepts of Anarchy.  I was quite shocked to learn anarchy is not what I thought it was; chaos and lawlessness.  I believe we all, no matter where we reside, have rights we are born with.  This is the foundation of my philosophy/belief system.  No one has the authority to add to or take away from these rights.  Even though you can look around and see this is not our reality.


I believe mindset is the main determining factor in whether someone achieves their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.  One of the great universal laws is the mind is all, that we create our reality in our minds before it becomes a manifested reality in our physical world.  Basically, your thoughts, feeling and actions must change before you can see change in your life.  This concept will be one of the focal points of this blog, along with teaching the skills necessary to achieve financial independence.                  

Danea Mobley-Krist