Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best routes for new Digital Marketers to pursue because it requires the least amount of time and money to get started. Without creating your own product, you get to earn based on the work others have done. But sadly, many marketers don’t do much, if anything, to strategically monetize the content they create to try to earn commissions. They get stuck, not knowing why some people are cashing in while they’re unable to. With this business model, you just have to plan for your profits, rather than slap up content and hope something comes through. It’s easy, once you know what you’ve been doing wrong – and you can begin cashing in on this strategy immediately.

Promoting Two Kinds of Products

The first thing you want to do as an affiliate is scan the marketplace to see what products are viable for easy commissions. This should be a mix of digital and tangible products, depending on the niche that you’re in.

Of course, some niches won’t be good for both. Take online marketing itself – most items are digital – whether they’re courses, tools, software, or even services. The toy niche, on the other hand, is primarily tangible because people aren’t buying courses about toys.

Some niches have potential for both types of earnings. With the survival niche, for example, you have people buying homesteading courses online as well as things like food storage bins, gardening tools, and more from places like Amazon.

Weight loss is another dual profit niche. They need things like food scales, meal prep containers, dumbbells and more – but they still want to shell out money for a course that can teach them how to succeed with it all.

So when you get started as an affiliate, if you’re unsure of what niche to get in, consider those with maximum affiliate income potential. If you can promote digital and tangible products, it’s a sure sign that it’s a booming niche.

There are many of these, such as golf, pets, insomnia, stress relief, and more. To check to see what types of products are available to promote, you can run the niche through a keyword tool to see what products consumers are seeking – and look on platforms like Amazon, ClickBank, etc.

You can also go to a search engine and type in your niche and words affiliate program. This will tell you whether or not there are a good variety of affiliate opportunities for you to tap into.

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