AFFIRMATION: I Refuse to be Distracted From My Goals

AFFIRMATION: I Refuse to be Distracted From My Goals

My goals are my future. When I stay focused on my goals, I make progress toward achieving them. I know what I want and how to get there. And when I make progress, I feel proud of myself. I enjoy my life and the path that I am on.

Staying focused on my goals is the primary way I can control my future. Success allows me to feel good about my life and I know that focus is the key.

There are distractions all around me, but I refuse to give them my attention. They take away from the future that I want and am committed to.

Distractions are easy for me to avoid. I can easily focus on what matters in my life.

Staying focused on my goals makes it easier to make smart decisions. I simply consider which option is most supportive of my goals. Indecisiveness is a foreign concept to me. When I avoid distractions, wise decisions become automatic.

My goals are crystal clear to me. Their achievement is a priority in my life. I refuse to allow any distractions to take my attention away from my goals. I am in control of my focus.

Today, I put my attention on my goals. I reject all distractions. My focus is exactly where it belongs. I choose my decisions and actions based on my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I committed to achieving? Does my focus support achieving that goal?
  2. What are the biggest distractions in my life? What can I do to minimize those distractions?
  3. What would happen in the next year if I could avoid 90% of the distractions in my life and work on my goals consistently?

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