Change Your Habits Change Your Results

Change Your Habits Change Your Results

When we decide that we are willing to put in the effort to apply success principles in our lives, we realize that there is more involved than adding a 15-minute meditation to our morning routine.

Our personal development journey is an adventure that includes great moments of joy and not so great moments of disappointment.

It is when we are confronted with a challenge that we learn how well we’ve done our internal development work. If we’ve done well with our personal development work we will handle a life or business challenge with confidence in our ability to ask questions, find a solution, make a decision, and take action.

On the other hand, if we’ve simply skimmed the surface by reading numerous books and relying on social media memes to keep our outlook on life a bit more positive, we will not be able to handle the challenges of an ever-changing world. Our life and our business will always be a series of great ups and great downs.

To achieve a balance between internal and external lives we must commit to taking daily action to change the habits that are holding us back and causing the imbalance. This is when long-term, transformative change occurs. This is when we stop reading about success principles and begin living them. We reach an understanding that the results we want in life and business are contingent on the daily maintenance of our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. That daily maintenance relies on our habits. When our habits are in line with the success principles we want to live by, we experience peace of mind because we know the decisions we make are the correct decisions.

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