Create a Cash Funnel Using PLR

Create a Cash Funnel Using PLR

When you’re marketing online, you have a couple of options on how you generate money. One is to randomly set up pages and links online where you hope to capture the trust of the reader and make a sale.

The other method is more of a long-term success option – one where you aren’t thinking about a sale the very first time your visitors meets you, but where you build trust and enjoy a lengthy relationship online with repeat sales.

To achieve this, you use what’s known as a funnel. A funnel is where you use content to introduce your visitor to your work and then they fall into a slippery slope, through a maze of communication meant to create loyalty and close the deal.

Private label rights (PLR) is a great way to build your cash funnel with ease. You can use it all as is or tweak it in any amount to have it represent you online. The best thing to do is weave your own personality into the mix.

Push and Pull Visitors to Your Site Using PLR

Marketers always talk about driving traffic to their site. They use paid advertisements to get the job done, but you don’t have to go that route if funds are limited. You can use PLR to push visitors or pull them into your site.

Let’s talk about pushing them first. You can use private label rights articles anywhere online that you’re able to post ideas and content – and include a link to any page on your website.

So for instance, you can go onto your Facebook Fan Page or Google Plus, and share a portion of your PLR piece and a link back to your site. You might link to:

  • Your contact page
  • Your opt in page
  • Your About page
  • A blog post, etc…

Using social media is not the only option, either. You can also use any other free platform, such as article directories that allow PLR (or PLR that you’ve tweaked into a more unique article).

Or you might use a portion of your PLR in a press release and submit that online to drive traffic to your site. You can do things like guest blogging, but Google is becoming concerned about this practice, so if you do use this traffic generator, be careful about how you do it.

Pulling visitors to your site is a matter of being consistent with your content creation. Using PLR can cut your time dramatically. You want search engine spiders crawling your site, and part of their formula is checking to see how often you deliver fresh content.

You can use PLR exclusively or mix it up with original content that you create from scratch.  The more you post, the more often spiders come back to index your content. This can help you get ranked in search results pages, which pulls visitors into your content.

You can buy any type of PLR for this purpose – eBooks and reports that you break apart, articles and blog posts, and even email autoresponders that you use for public posts instead of inside emails.

All of this public content is going to be competing with other buyers of your PLR, so out of your funnel, this is the most important part for you to edit. You can do simple tweaks like alter the title, and lightly change the wording – or you can do a complete overhaul and rewrite it line by line, using the PLR as a springboard only.

Either way, you shorten your time for the task because the brainstorming, researching, organizing and creation of the content is already done for you.

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