The Moral Marketer

Self-Directed Coaching: Prosperity


Welcome Wealth Into Your Life

Learn how to adopt a wealth mindset and release yourself from the burden of scarcity. If you have been wrestling with your beliefs around money, this self-directed coaching course is perfect for you. This course includes ebook, audiobook, videobook, workbook, and quick reference guide.



Ideas covered in the ebook include:
  • What Is A Wealth Mindset?
    • Scarcity Mindset vs. Wealth Mindset
  • Why A Wealth Mindset?
    • Building A Wealth Mindset
    • Getting Started
  • What’s Going On Internally?
  • What’s Going On Externally?
Activities included in the workbook:
  • What Does Wealth Mean To You?
    • Let’s Get Specific
    • Your Ideal Life
  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • Dealing with Your Obstacles
  • Taking Action
  • Action Steps

Available Online: Yes

Downloadable File: Yes

Download File Size: 128.87MB

Ebook: PDF - 29 pages

Audiobook: MP3 - 32 minutes

Videobook: MP4 - 32 minutes

Workbook: PDF - 15 pages

Quick Reference Guide: PDF - 3 pages

Price: $27


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