Launch Jacking Profits

Launch Jacking Profits


There’s a little known strategy that affiliate marketers can take advantage of that requires very little planning and preparation, yet yields huge results in terms of profits from both sales and prize money. It’s a concept known as launch jacking, and while it’s not new, most marketers simply haven’t considered it. Because there’s so few competitors using it, it’s a tool you can leverage to beat everyone else to the punch (sometimes even the vendors themselves) and take a large share of the profits.

What Does Launch Jacking Mean?

Launch jacking is basically hijacking a launch of someone else’s. Now it sounds horribly immoral, right? Hijacking is a terrible word. But it really means you’re seizing control of something – and in this case, it’s someone else’s launch. In this case, the product vendor will actually welcome your efforts because you’re helping them make sales, build their list, and generate a buzz about their pending product launch.

So while the name may have a shady connotation, the concept is actually mutually beneficial for both yourself and the vendor selling the product; making it a completely moral business activity.

Now how do you go about jacking a launch?

There are a some preparations you’ll need to make that are super simple. These are things most vendors don’t even have time to do themselves, since they’re focused on creating their info product. That frees the marketplace wide open for you to step in and position yourself as the go to affiliate for information about this new product.

Whenever a product launches, consumers have questions. They want to know all sorts of things, like who’s behind the product – can they trust them? Is the product top quality? What features and benefits does it have? What’s the potential they have in using it? They also want to know about drawbacks it might have or any additional insight you can give them about it. While many consumers seek out more information than what a sales page pitch gives, others are out shopping early for a bonus.

When you secure a spot in the search engine results pages as well as on social media sites for the name of this product and vendor, you’ll be able to rake in more commissions than those who simply wait until launch day and send an email to their private list of subscribers.

Even when subscribers get an email recommendation, many of them often turn to the Internet and use search engines to see if they can dig up more information before they buy. And that’s where your efforts will pay off. You will have one or more blog posts and social media posts designed to educate, inform and convert those prospects into buyers through your link.


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