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Increase Your Leads with YouTube Live Video Course


Ready to Grow Your Business with YouTube Live?

Learn how to brand, influence & grow your business with YouTube. This video course package includes the updated course
“Increase Leads with YouTube Live” and the original course “Captivate with YouTube Live”.  Both are taught in over-the-shoulder
teaching style.

Topics covered include:
  • Account Setup Process
  • Your YouTube Channel
  • Channel Status & Features
  • Setting Your Associated Website
  • Creating Your Channel Trailer
  • Creating a Subscribe Link
  • Necessary Equipment
  • Setting Upload Defaults
  • Live Stream Settings
  • Live Streaming with a Web Cam
  • Using YouTube’s Video Editor
  • Thumbnails, End Screens & Cards
  • Creating Playlists
  • Closed Captions & Transcriptions
  • Community Subscriptions
  • Encoding with Zoom
  • Direct Connect Zoom to YouTube Live
  • Scheduling Your Zoom Live Stream
  • Encoding with StreamYard
  • Using OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)
  • Multi-Streaming with StreamYard
  • Scheduling with Restream
  • Broadcasting a Recorded Video Live
  • Mobile Live Streaming
  • Live Stream Sharing & Embedding
  • Sharing Video Snippets
  • Created a Connected 2nd Channel
  • The Channel Branding Process
  • Post-Video Processing
  • Live Stream Promotion
  • Repurposing Your Live Stream Content
  • Channel Promotional Tools

Available Online: Yes

Increase Leads with YouTube Live Length: 1 hour 59 minutes

Captivate with YouTube Live Length: 1 hour 19 minutes

Year Published: 2020

Price: $27


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