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The PLR Rebrand Masterclass Video Course


Ready to Incorporate PLR Content into Your Business?

Learn how to effectively manage, rebrand & implement PLR into your business. This video course package includes the main course (over-the-shoulder teaching style), the first edition of this course (mixed teaching style) and an afterclass workshop (lecture teaching style).  The first edition course & the afterclass both come with downloadable mp3’s for on-the-go learning.



Topics covered in the main course include:
  • Verifying Your Rights
  • Finding Your Audience
  • Rebranding Written PLR Content
  • Sales Page Rebranding
  • Rebranding with Gamification
  • Rebranding with Social Media Groups
  • Rebranding for Paid Memberships
  • Rebranding for Bundles & Bonuses
  • Rebranding The Sales Process


Topics covered in Live Afterclass Masterclass “Foundations for Rebranding PLR Content” include:
  • What is Branding?
  • How is A Brand Established?
  • Determining Your Brand’s WHY
  • Rebranding Your PLR
  • Rebranding with Product Delivery
  • Rebranding Your Promotions
  • Rebranding Your Content
  • Rebranding Your Market Presence
  • Rebranding with Partnerships
  • Rebranding Through List Building
  • Rebranding with Educational Marketing
Topics covered in the 1st edition course include:
  • Rebranding Graphics PLR Content
  • Rebranding Copy PLR Content
  • Rebranding Written PLR Content
  • Rebranding Video PLR Content

Available Online: Yes

Main Course Length: 38 minutes

Afterclass Masterclass Length: 50 minutes

1st Edition PLR Rebrand Masterclass Length: 122 minutes

Publish Date: September/2022

Price: $24


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