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Screencast University
Video Course


Ready to Develop & Master Screencasting Skills?

Learn how to create effective on-screen videos. This video course package includes the main course (over-the-shoulder teaching style), an afterclass masterclass (mixed teaching style) with downloadable mp3 for on-the-go-learning and the 1st edition of this course.



Topics covered in the main course include:
  • Understanding Your Video Editor
  • The Importance of Private Browsers
  • Screencasting Menus & Account Profiles
  • Using Hot Keys
  • Narrating Slides
  • Sound & Noise
  • Showing The Passage of Time
  • Screencasting Email Accounts
  • and much more…


Topics covered in Live Afterclass Masterclass “Leveraging Your Screencasting Skills for Increased Profit” include:
  • The Technical Principles of Screencasting
  • How Does The Editing Process Drive Good Screencasting?
  • How Can Screencasting Help You Achieve Your Fundamental Marketing Objectives?
  • Learning to Use Multiple Tracks
  • Editing Logic
  • Standard Phrases & Transitions
  • Organizational & Strategic Principles
  • How to Use The Features of Screencasting to Increase Your Profits
  • How to Work with Existing Videos
  • Classic Marketing Fundamentals
  • Unique Selling Proposition & Screencasting
  • Exponential Marketing & Screencasting
  • Strategic Marketing Alliances
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • Educational Marketing & Screencasting
  • Effective Database Marketing

Available Online: Yes

Main Course Length: 47 minutes

Afterclass Masterclass Length: 49 minutes

1st Edition Screencast University (2016) Length: 115 minutes

Publish Date: March/2022

Price: $24


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