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+ Bonus Workshop

Take Over Your Market with Twitter Video Course


Ready to Incorporate Twitter into Your Business?

Learn how to brand, influence & grow your business with Twitter. This video course package includes the main course (over-the-shoulder teaching style), an afterclass masterclass (mixed teaching style) with downloadable mp3 for on-the-go-learning and a 5-day workshop.



Topics covered in the main course include:
  • Platform Interface & Profile Setup
  • Tweet Mechanics
  • Thread Mechanics
  • Twitter Tips
  • Lists & Topics
  • Twitter for Professionals
  • Ads & Promoted Tweets
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Live Video


Topics covered in Live Afterclass Masterclass “Maximizing Twitter by Building & Leveraging A Network” include:
  • Are Your Customers on Twitter?
  • Are Your Partners on Twitter?
  • Unique Selling Proposition & Your Twitter Account
  • Best Practices & Tactics
  • Database Marketing (List Building)
  • Limitations of Integrating The Newsletter
  • Revue Newsletter Direct Integration
  • Creating an Opt-in Link & Form
  • Your Opt-in Funnel
  • Creating Giveaways with a Buying Funnel on Twitter
  • Creating a Home Base
  • Creating Content Around Your Pre-Sell Posts
  • Tweeting Your Content, Not Just Your Campaign
  • Educational Marketing
  • Streaming Pre-Recorded Content to Twitter
  • Direct Marketing Language
Topics covered in the Twitter Traffic 5-Day Workshop include:
  • Day 1 – The Algorithms
  • Day 2 – Post Types
  • Day 3 – Engagement
  • Day 4 – Direct Traffic Strategies
  • Day 5 – Your Daily Twitter Routine

Available Online: Yes

Main Course Length: 43 minutes

Afterclass Masterclass Length: 39 minutes

Twitter Traffic Workshop Length: 186 minutes

Publish Date: July/2022

Price: $34


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