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WordPress Gamification Playbook Video Course


Ready to Incorporate Gamification into Your Marketing Strategy?

Learn how to use GamiPress in your WordPress website to greatly increase visitor engagement. This video course package includes the main course (over-the-shoulder teaching style) and an afterclass masterclass (lecture teaching style) with downloadable mp3 for on-the-go-learning.



Topics covered in the main course include:
  • WordPress Setup & GamiPress Plugin Installation
  • GamiPress Application Settings
  • Setting Up Awards, Points & Achievements
  • Communicating Rules & User Earnings
  • Setting Up Your Ranks
  • How to Manually Award Points
  • How to Manually Adjusting Individual Totals & Levels
  • GamiPress Addons
  • Vimeo & YouTube Video Watching Rewards
  • Button-based Activities
  • Using Earned Points for Purchases
  • Using AutomatorWP Plugin to Extend GamiPress to Other Applications
  • How to Block Users
  • Link-based Activities
  • Tracking Activities in Your Online Community


Topics covered in Live Afterclass Masterclass “Gamification Deep Dive” include:
  • Making The Rewards Meaningful
  • Engagement That Leads to Monetization
  • Deciding On An Engagement Goal
  • Viral Sharing & Gamification
  • Point Stores for Accumulated Points
  • Unique Selling Proposition & Gamification
  • Exponential Marketing & Gamification
  • Educational Marketing & Gamification
  • Direct Response Elements in Gamification
  • Adding An Online Community
  • Adding Members to The Community
  • Creating a Content Schedule for Your Community

Available Online: Yes

Main Course Length: 39 minutes

Afterclass Masterclass Length: 36 minutes

Publish Date: September/2022

Price: $24