Networking Your Way to Success

Networking Your Way to Success

Reciprocate Wisely or Not at All

When you start networking with people, depending on the kinds of marketers you’re interacting with, you might be hard pressed to reciprocate. It’s the topic of many marketing memes and funny discussions because some people can be really pushy with their demands.

Some marketers won’t promote you until or unless you agree to promote them. And if you do get them to promote your product, and then they approach you with a subpar product that you refuse to promote, they may come after you publicly.

Lots of needless drama can take place, so if you can network with marketers in your niche whose products you know and respect, this reciprocation process will be much easier.

Never bow to the demands of other marketers when it comes to reciprocating promos for them. You need to make sure that their product is a good fit for your audience. Does it meet the needs of your subscribers?

Is the product high quality? Is the price point something they can afford – or have you gotten them a good deal? Is the marketer ethical to the point where you’d feel comfortable putting your people in their hands?

Your subscribers are relying on you to steer them in the right way. When you send them to someone who you know is a scammer, it’s no different than you being a scammer yourself.

So what do you do if someone you approach to be an affiliate says they’ll do it, but you need to promote their product? First, don’t say yes right away. Instead, say, “I’d love to see what you’ve got that might be a good fit for my subscribers.”

Have them send you a review copy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for one day and they’ve been in the business for twenty years. You are allowed to review something when someone is asking you to promote for them.

If the product is a good fit, then you can reply that you’d love to do a promo for them, and find out the same details you’d sent to them with your initial request. If it’s not, then you have to find a way to back out gently without stirring up drama.

Your best bet, if they come back and ask what you thought of it, is to be honest in terms of saying you don’t think it’s the best fit for your list. Only you know what your customers will buy.

You might have a marketing list, but they don’t convert on high ticket offers – or maybe they do well with affiliate marketing topics, but not with Amazon FBA courses. But if the product is just bad, you can just say it’s not a good fit.

Some people will push back on it, assuming they can strong arm you into promoting as they do many weaker marketers who want to be part of the guru club. But don’t let that influence you.

You’ll actually see better long-term success if you avoid sacrificing your own reputation and maintain some integrity in what – and who – you choose to send your subscribers to.

Seek Out Those Whose Audience Fits You Best

You might hear of some guru in the dating niche who has 1 million subscribers and makes seven figures a year with his business. You’re in the health niche, so although you might be highly impressed with his skills, it won’t serve you very well with affiliate marketing.

Newer marketers often get confused when it comes to who they should network with. You can start by looking people up who have published books on Amazon, who have thriving blogs, and who have groups and accounts on social media platforms that are thriving.

For people who you want to promote for you, choose those in the same niche. But affiliate promos aren’t the only reason to connect with people. Remember that dating niche guru?

Well he may have paid ads down like clockwork – and that’s something you may want to learn. You can network with this person to make a friend who is willing to help you learn the ropes, or guide you to courses and tools that will help.

That guru, even if he’s not in the same niche as you, may also have friends who are in the same niche – and just like at a dinner party, he may introduce you to others you can befriend and network with who will benefit your business in a way that boosts traffic and increases profits.

As your business builds, your confidence levels with networking will improve. You may feel a bit self-conscious trying to befriend people at first, especially if they’re higher up on the earning platform than you.

But don’t let it discourage you from reaching out and rubbing elbows with people who can add to your business. If there’s one thing they’ll be thinking, it’s that they admire what a go-getter you are.