Newbie Guide to Creating Profit-Generating Content

Newbie Guide to Creating Profit-Generating Content

For those who are embarking on their journey to build an online business, there are many moving parts they must consider. One of those is content. Unfortunately, newcomers often mistake the importance of quantity over quality and strategy.

Even just having a quality piece of content is not enough to catapult you to success. You need to be strategic with your content – whether it’s text, video or audio – so that you’re laying the groundwork for growth of profits.

The sad fact is, most marketing courses don’t teach this approach. They just tell people what kinds of content to slap up on their site, and how often. There’s no discussion of a deliberate monetary approach, so these individuals will spend countless hours creating content that doesn’t convert, leaving them frustrated after putting forth all that effort.

Each type of content plays an important role in elevating your expertise, branding your business and serving your customers in a way that creates a strong and loyal bond that results in them purchasing products from you and staying subscribed for years to come.

Blog Content for Versatility

Blog content is one of the best things you have going for you in terms of opportunities to build your business. Because you own the domain, and aren’t restricted by what you can do (such as using affiliate links), you have many chances to make money from it.

The content you put on your blog can be anything you want it to be. You can write a blog posts to share a tip or insight with your readers. This causes them to see you as an authority figure in your chosen niche.

You can give them step-by-step instructions on how to do things. There’s no limit to the characters or words you can post here as there are on some sites. You can break it up into a series for your audience, too, making sure they return day after day or stay stickied to your site for a longer time.

As an affiliate, you can promote as much or as little as you want to There are no limits, but you may not want your site to be nothing but promotions. You might want to sprinkle value posts into your content as well.

You can highlight people you’re networking with on your blog, even if it’s not for a commission. So if you have a person who you’d like to be an affiliate for you in the future – or you simply find someone willing to share good insight with your readers and you want to leverage their expertise, you can do that.

The worst thing you could do with your blog is to either let it sit stagnant with no new content, or to fill it with useless, keyword-laden text that only serves the search engine bots, without doing anything for the average consumer.

When you create a new blog post, make sure you know the clear purpose of the post. Is it to build your list, get them to buy something from you, or showcase someone else? There are many reasons to blog, but by understanding yours before you write a single word of text, you’ll have a better grasp of what it takes to achieve those goals.

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