Personal Branding: Social Networks & PLR

Personal Branding: Social Networks & PLR


The use of social networking sites has played an important role of giving leaders in the marketing world an edge over those who simply have deep pockets and can afford to buy targeted traffic.

Social networking sites house their fan base, and it only takes the effort of participation to enable you to pull in some of that audience to your own blog, website or eStore.

But there are problems associated with social networks, which make some marketers uneasy about engaging there. While money isn’t an issue, time is, and time for a solo entrepreneur is very precious.

That’s where Private Label Rights (PLR) can benefit you. Not only is high quality PLR cheap ($1 per page compared to $10-20 per page for ghostwriters), but it’s available in vast quantities and can be used in an instant.

Finding the Right PLR for Social Networks

Before you even begin to use PLR on social sites, you need to do two things. Number 1, figure out where your target audience resides. Which platforms do they enjoy most?

For some niches, like fashion or fitness, Pinterest is a fantastic hot spot. But niches that aren’t as image-based may not perform well there.

You have sites like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Go to each one and figure out if there’s a large enough base for you there before you waste your time. See if there are hashtags (#) being used for your topics, and if groups have formed to gather your audience in one area within the site.

Once you know you have a thriving audience, you’ll want to set up an account there if you haven’t already. You have a couple of options. One is to be a business or brand name and the other is to be yourself.

All are viable options – you just have to look at the pros and cons of each one and decide what’s best for your business. The second thing you want to do is start looking for viable PLR to represent you on these sites.

One thing that often causes people to shy away from social networks is the sheer overwhelm they feel when faced with managing multiple accounts and a lot of on-going content.

Private label rights can be the tool you need to help you keep a continual flow of good information positioning you as an expert – without you having to do a lot of heavy lifting.

Good content requires brainstorming of ideas and slants, researching facts and developing opinions, and crafting it all in a well-organized manner that’s easily digestible to an audience.

You’d normally think you’d have to spend hours on a task like that – or at the very least, spend a lot of money hiring a ghostwriter to do your work for you. But PLR cuts down on time and money, as long as you become a savvy shopper and understand who delivers top quality at a reasonable price.

There are many PLR providers online. You have memberships that dole out monthly packs, individuals who sell a variety of niche topics, and some people who sometimes just happen to put a PLR pack on the market, but have no steady store with available stock.

All of these are viable options for you to get PLR from. If you get a membership, the only tip you want to watch out for (aside from quality) is that you shouldn’t sign up for a membership site that rotates topics.

If you do this, you might find yourself getting diet PLR one month and dog PLR the next. This makes it difficult for you to build a substantial site with enough information in it for the long haul.

Instead, look for memberships that deliver the same topic, but unique content, month after month. For example, if you buy into a weight loss membership, you might get content about different diet plans each month, but at least the broad topic is all under one umbrella.

Individuals often have stores that either focus on a narrow or broad slant. These are open to the public and you can find limited or unlimited content. Some sites will just be about business topics, while others have a wide array of niche PLR for you to choose from.

Never worry about buying from multiple sources. In fact, you’ll probably develop a list of your favorite PLR providers and sign up to their list to get announcements for any special sales.

In terms of quality, you want to be looking for content that’s well written. It should read like its written by an English speaking individual. If the seller talks about a “team” of writers, then it’s hard for you to know what kind of quality you’ll get in each pack, since it might not be streamlined with a single voice.

You’ll want to consider investing in PLR with fewer rules. Some sellers are so picky, it gets difficult to follow every nitpicky rule they have in place. Find those who keep it simple.

You want PLR that can be broken up for your social networking use. So for example, if you buy a PLR eBook, you want to have the right to rip it apart and post it publicly in snippets.


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