Saturday Training: Business Automation

Saturday Training: Business Automation

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Join Us Saturday @ 11am Eastern

Join us this Saturday, October 29th in our YouTube Channel for our latest Saturday Training. This weeks topic is Business Automation. Save time, money & headaches by automating certain aspects of your business. Learn the what, why & how of business automation.

Topics Being Discussed:

  • What is Business Automation?
  • Where Does Automation Matter Most?
  • Belt & Suspenders Concept
  • Automation in Product Delivery
  • Automation in Support
  • Automation in Lead Collection
  • Automation in Customer Engagement
  • Automation in Email Messaging
  • Automation in Chatbot Messaging

Training Info

What: Business Automation Blueprint

When: Saturday, October 29, 2022 @11AM Eastern


Duration: Less than 1 hour

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