Should You Be Using Zoom In Your Business

Should You Be Using Zoom In Your Business

Why You Need To Use Zoom In Your Business

At the time of writing this article, the world is gripped by the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult to meet with people face to face. As a result, the number of people using the Zoom platform has grown significantly as it provides them with a great way to connect with people during quarantine.

Even after the pandemic there are many good reasons why you should use Zoom to grow your business and we will cover the most important ones here. The Zoom platform is very flexible and you can do a lot of things with it even with a free account.

Collaboration with your Team

A lot of businesses nowadays outsource specific tasks to freelancers who could be located anywhere in the world. If you have a small business then it is unlikely that you will have the budget to recruit web designers, copywriters, programmers and others. So it makes sense to outsource these kinds of roles.

Communication is very important with anyone that you have outsourced tasks to. You need to ensure that they fully understand what you need and it will help to explain to them the role that they are playing in the development of your business. Zoom meetings are a very convenient way of doing this.

Even if you have your own employees they may be located in different offices and it is far more cost effective to hold a Zoom meeting to discuss business then it is to have everyone travel to a single location. The bottom line here is that Zoom helps you to collaborate with your team better and save money and time in the process.

New Leads and Customers

You can use Zoom to generate leads and acquire new customers. The Zoom webinar platform is a great way to do this for example. You can also use Zoom meetings with your existing customers to generate more business from them.

If you have a business that people around the world can benefit from then you must use Zoom to communicate with them. Even a local based business can benefit from using Zoom. There are many examples of where local businesses have used Zoom to provide their customers with a better service.

A good example of this is where a restaurant accepts Zoom calls to discuss menu options and specials etc. If you want to order food to be delivered to your home you can use Zoom to speak with the restaurant to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Training with Zoom

You can use the Zoom platform to train your students. Let’s say that you offer a training course on social media marketing. You can charge people to attend your live Zoom training sessions and then use the features within Zoom to deliver the training.

It is possible to train or coach with a one to one Zoom call or train a group with a Zoom meeting. You can share your screen to provide “over the shoulder training” and you can also use the whiteboard feature to explain concepts. Prepare a presentation on your computer and then share this with your students for learning.

These are just three great ways that you can use Zoom to grow your business. We recommend that you take a look at what Zoom can do and then identify how you can use it to your advantage.

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