The PLR Launch Business Model

The PLR Launch Business Model

Launch and Plan for After-Launch Profits

Here’s the great thing about PLR – your earnings don’t dry up after a launch. That content can continue working for you for years to come. You may want to start your own private label rights store, where, after a launch on Warrior Plus (or JVZoo), you place it on the store for future buyers to find.

Remember, people will often go out searching for tons of content for their niche sites, and if they’re in a niche like diabetes, for example, it may be months before an official diabetes PLR launch comes up.

They need content now, so they start searching PLR stores to see if anyone has some previous content they can buy. Sometimes, as your store grows, you’ll wake up to see large sales where the buyer has purchased several packs from you all at once.

While your launch pricing is usually 50%, after the launch it bumps up to a $1 per page rate. So you might have packs on your store worth $35-$70 a pop. You can also integrate an affiliate program for your store.

Many of those same affiliates you recruited for your launch will want to promote your store from time to time. You can also give individual affiliates a promo code for a special deal for their list if you want.

Another thing you can do with content after its launch has ended is bundle it up for future deals or one time offer upgrades. So let’s say it’s almost the New Year and you have tons of goal setting and weight loss content.

You can package it all up and discount it heavily for a December sale that lets marketers have plenty of content for their site for the upcoming rush of diet enthusiasts. You won’t have to do any additional content creation – just package it up and set up the sales page and listing.

This same premise can work if you want to use existing packages of PLR as a bundle for your one time offer upgrades. If you only have time to create a 35-pack of brand new articles for your front end, don’t just leave off the one time offer upgrade – use existing older packs from your store as a package deal with a nice discount!

Selling PLR can be lucrative and rewarding. There are some who wonder if it’ll still be viable – a question they’ve been asking since the late 1990s. Content is always needed, and if you can be the one to provide it to marketers on a budget, you’ll profit from this business model for a long time to come.