Video Marketing for GenXers

Video Marketing for GenXers

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Video Marketing for Affiliate and Vendor Promotions

Video marketing is a great tool for your affiliate marketing efforts. People considering the purchase of something like to see a video clip of it being discussed and possibly used before spending money on it. This type of video is referred to as an affiliate review.

This is true for both digital and tangible products. You’ll want to use video to discuss your experience, feelings or thoughts about the product. If it’s a tangible item, you can hold it in your hand, show off features and talk about it with specific detail.

You might even be able to compare it against another similar product to show the difference between the two. These types of affiliate reviews do very well and can bring in more traffic than a mere text-based review on your blog.

Many customers head straight to YouTube to see if there’s a video on a product before buying it. They prefer not to read a blog, so YouTube is the search engine of choice, helping you beat out the competition who is still too intimidated by video to utilize it.

Make sure if you’re using videos as public reviews or other material, that you maximize its potential to be found by using descriptions and keywords that relate to the topic on the recording.

As a vendor, you can use video to create your products that you sell to your customers. In addition to using a video sales letter, you can have multiple video modules inside a members’ area for your buyers to access.

You can even host live events for paying customers if you want, such as a video webinar they pay for access to where you teach something or answer questions from them like a group coaching scenario.

Make sure you create a tight recording that doesn’t waste the viewers’ time if you’re going to put out an edited version. You want to splice it together so that any chunks of dead air or other wasteful moments are removed.

Once you’re finished creating your videos, you can publish them to Vimeo or YouTube and make them private or public. You can even host them on your own server if you’d like.

Some marketers like to use video for their products, but instead of only catering to fans of video material, they also provide other media formats – like an audio only file or text-based transcripts.

Even if you embed the video on your blog, you can add the transcript along with it so that everyone who lands there to absorb the information finds exactly what they need and prefer.

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