Video Marketing for GenXers

Video Marketing for GenXers

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Tip #6 – Be Prepared

The frustration level that arises when viewers have to sit and wait as the presenter fixes something, tries to remember something or writes out everything on a whiteboard is infuriating.

You want to have everything ready to go before you hit record. Your viewers’ time is precious. If you’re interviewing someone, get to the point and don’t go offtrack with random discussions that aren’t relevant to the topic of the video they tuned in to see.

Tip #7 – Let Your Personality Shine

You don’t have to be a comedian or night show host to come across as someone with a nice personality. Try to use inflection in your voice and don’t stay monotone. Try not to read your presentation.

Have some notes to keep you on track and jog your memory about what comes next, but do it in a way that they can’t tell. It’s okay to use hand gestures and laugh and keep things lighthearted as you record.

Tip #8 – Make Improvements As You Progress

No one begins video marketing perfectly right off the bat. You want to level up with your equipment over time. If your channel grows immensely, then you might consider getting a green screen and lighting or a better camera and microphone.

Teach yourself about certain strategies that make videos better – whether it’s the lighting or the technical publishing process. It could be something as simple as learning how to highlight your mouse if you’re doing a screen capture recording.

Tip #9 – Video Length Is Important

Is it ever okay to record for an hour or more? Of course. But some research has shown that the sweet spot for videos is between 3-5 minutes long. So if you have an hour’s worth of content to get through, you might consider breaking it up into bite-sized pieces.

It all depends on the topic and type of video you’re recording. If it’s a webinar live event, then you’re not going to stop every 5 minutes. You’ll record for the duration of the event. But if it’s just a tip you’re sharing, consider keeping it in a shorter time frame and maybe sending the viewer to your blog for more in depth information.

Tip #10 – Pay Attention to Comments.

Your audience will be giving you feedback on your video marketing efforts. They might mention things they loved about your video or things that annoyed them. Instead of arguing about it, thank them and remember those tips for your future recordings.

It might be something like not sipping your coffee while recording or not recording when your dog is constantly barking in the background. Some things that you may not be affected by could cause a distraction for your viewers.

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