Video Marketing for GenXers

Video Marketing for GenXers

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Tip #11 – Try Out Various Video Styles

You never know what presentation style will resonate best with your audience. It might be you sitting at a desk or doing an over-the-shoulder video recording. It might be you standing in a room at a whiteboard giving an enthusiastic tutorial.

Try some various strategies and see what your viewers respond best to. They might like you more toned down and going slower – or hyped up and motivating them with your excitement.

Tip #12 – Break Up Long Content Into a Video Series

If you have an idea for it, try breaking up a longer video into a series. With an on-going series, they will be waiting to see what’s in your next release. This helps you get subscribers to your channel because they don’t want to miss what’s coming up.

Tip #13 – Outsource to Lighten Your Work Load

If you’d love to make videos, but you’re not good at making presentation slides, outsource it! There are people very skilled at these designs. You can also outsource the audio if you give someone a script so they can narrate it for you.

Tip #14 – Relax and Have Fun

Some people are far too stiff during their presentations. They read off of a script or memories notes and it shows. You want to be casual and conversational, able to convey information as if chatting with a friend.

Tip #15 – Keep Your Eye On The Camera

Most people who try to make videos on camera make one huge mistake. They look at themselves on the screen. When you do this, it appears to the viewer as if you’re looking off to the side of them.

Even though you’re not seeing them in person, it’s important to make eye contact with the viewer. This helps them bond with you and it feels as if you’re making the video message for them.

Practice covering the lens with your finger so you know exactly where to look when recording. If you need a reminder, get a permanent marker and make a dot by the lens you should be looking at. Becoming a video marketer can feel awkward at first. But if you stick with it, you will quickly find your footing and a loyal fanbase who likes what you do and how you do it. Don’t worry about wedding out those who prefer learning from others – everyone has preferences, and it’s not a personal dig against you.

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