10 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Digital Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

#1 AI-Powered Optimization

What digital marketers knew as best practices a few years ago might no longer be true today. In the digital marketing world, things move quickly and what was best practice yesterday might not work tomorrow. One digital strategy that has been around for a while is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Nowadays you cannot ignore AI-powered optimization. Machine learning can now help digital marketers with tasks such as keyword research, link building & content audits to achieve better results. It can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns on Social Media Platforms and even blog posts to understand how customers find their products. 

This makes up for more accurate digital marketing strategies and benchmarks to measure your digital marketing efforts by.

#2 Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is digital marketing’s biggest value proposition. It automates digital ad buying by using real-time bidding (RTB). Programmatic digital ad buying makes it easy for digital marketers to get their digital ads in front of the right people at the right time, on any device they are browsing. Letting software do most of your digital marketing work frees up digital marketers more time to focus on strategy and creative performance instead of technical execution. 

Let me give a better explanation in steps:

  1. Someone clicks on the webpage
  2. The publisher of the page puts up the ad impression for auction
  3. The advertiser willing to bid the most for the impression wins the right to display their ad
  4. The ad marketplace holds an auction among the advertisers competing for the impression
  5. The ad is delivered to the prospective customer
  6. Customer clicks on the ad and the advertiser converts them into a sale and profit

#3 Chatbots

Chatbots are digital marketers’ new best friends. Give a digital marketer a chatbot and they will tell you all about the opportunities that lie ahead of it. Chatbots have the ability to engage with your prospects, answer their questions and help them with finding information quickly and easily. 

They can also give digital marketers more time to focus on strategies that drive business growth instead of answering repetitive customer queries. Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they are responsive 24/7, give answers promptly.

#4 Conversational Marketing

The digital marketing world is changing constantly, if digital marketers want to stay relevant they have to change their digital marketing techniques. Conversational marketing is one digital marketing technique that has gained a lot of popularity lately. It uses platforms like messaging apps and chatbots in order to communicate with prospects in the same way that humans would.

Digital marketers could use conversational marketing strategies on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or even via SMS (Texting). The big thing about conversational marketing is that it changes the way digital marketers interact with customers forever!

#5 Video Marketing

Video is the future of digital marketing. It’s not just about video content anymore, digital marketers are using video in every digital marketing channel that they can think of. 

Digital marketers are using video on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive engagement, build their brand while showcasing their products at the same time. They are also creating videos for paid ads to help digital ads stand out from all other digital ad formats e.g. news feed, banners etc.

  • 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video
  • 72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions
  • 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video

#6 Personalized Marketing

80% of digital marketers are using personalization tools to deliver relevant content to their digital audience. If you are not one of them yet, it’s time you step up your digital marketing game. 

Personalization is important because it gives digital marketers the ability to understand what their digital customers need and want. It helps in building better customer relationships by targeting your digital ads better which leads to higher conversion rates for digital marketers.

#7 Social Messaging Apps

Today digital marketers have to target a digital audience that is ever more available on social messaging apps. Messaging apps have become the preferred digital marketing channel for digital consumers who use these platforms to interact with businesses and get information about their products & services. 

Digital marketers can leverage digital messaging apps for a number of reasons:

– great brand engagement opportunities

– customer service

– lead generation via chatbots

– push notifications from brands to users

In short, digital marketers need to adapt quickly if they want to stay relevant in today’s digital age or else they should expect themselves to be replaced by new comers!

#8 Visual Search

Visual search will be the digital marketing trend that digital marketers use to leverage digital consumer behavior or visual search.

With Google’s recent update, digital marketers can now find similar products for their digital customers by just uploading a photo of the product they are looking for on Google Images. It would then show digital marketers related items which means they don’t have to type in every single brand name again, instead they can now search visually by submitting an image of the product.

#9 Google Lens

In order to help digital marketers further leverage digital consumer behavior, Google recently rolled out a new feature called Google Lens. Google lens uses your phone’s camera to detect objects, places and text in the real world around you. 

For digital marketers it means that they will be able to get more insights about their digital audience by visual researching them e.g digital marketers can use Google Lens on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to see what kind of images digital consumers post which could give digital marketers a better understanding of their digital audience demographic “in the wild” so-to-speak.

#10 Cam Find

Cam find is another digital marketing trend digital marketers can leverage. Cam find allows digital marketers to take a photo of their customer and use it to search for similar items on Amazon, eBay and any other online retailer which helps digital marketers increase conversions by surfacing products that digital consumers already want.

In conclusion, digital marketers have a lot of digital technologies to leverage in order to stay relevant, especially if they want to increase their digital consumer conversions.

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