10 Nearly FREE Marketing Ideas for New Business Owners

10 Nearly FREE Marketing Ideas for New Business Owners

Advertising your business effectively and reaching a bigger audience can be very challenging due to the costs involved in the process of marketing your business. However, there are inexpensive ways to promote your business and reach your audience. Use the following tips to reach your marketing goals without spending too much money in the process.


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to command your audience’s attention, raise brand awareness, build industry authority, and help people understand your business better. It is the key to establishing a meaningful relationship with prospects and converting them into loyal customers.

So, create a blog and use it to promote your business. Use WordPress or Wix to design the blog, give it a professional look, and launch it within a short space of time. 

Pick a domain name that’s in line with your business or use your company name to make it easy for people to identify you. Register your domain name with reputable hosting companies like DreamHost, Siteground, or Namecheap.

The main reason for launching a blog is so you can reach your target audience and attract more and more people to your business. So, blog about on-demand topics that interest and capture the attention of your target market. Create content that your audience finds valuable and interesting. The kind that gets people talking and looking forward to what you will share next.

Pick a niche and stick to it to ensure success. Consider your business purpose and audience. Choose a topic that’s in line with your business and one that your target audience favors. 

Once you identify your niche, focus on your content strategy. What sort of information are you going to share with your audience? How are you going to attract them to your content? and How often are you going to post?

Create valuable, high-quality content to boost engagement and increase your readership. Share how-to guides, complete guides, infographics, and listicles to increase traffic to your site and encourage shares and likes. Post frequently to increase interaction and retain your audience.

Become a thought-leader and be the go-to person for specific information. Offer helpful advice, share the latest industry trends and updates. Add value to your audience’s lives and make sure they come to your blog for certain information. 

Once you come up with an effective content strategy, SEO your blog for visibility and to ensure people find your content. Use meta keywords and meta descriptions on your content to rank high on search engine results pages.

Identify popular keywords within your niche and incorporate them into your strategy. Use ubersuggest or KWFinder to identify common phrases that your audience searches for.

Guest blog on popular sites to reach a bigger audience, prove credibility, and attract attention. Work with top bloggers within your niche to reach the right audience and ensure success.

Once you build industry authority and get a decent number of loyal blog readers, promote your business. You have already established meaningful relations by adding value to their lives through your valuable content, therefore, convincing them to engage in business with you won’t be difficult.

So, advertise your product or service and upload promotional content here and there to convert readers into buyers. 

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