Stress Management for Digital Marketers

Stress Management for Digital Marketers

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

One thing that stresses out many Digital Marketers is trying to find the happy medium between spending too much time on your personal life and too much time on your work life.

Some people push their personal satisfaction to the side in order to work enough to provide extra for their family, while some people push their work away in order to spend more time doing things they enjoy.

Both of these outcomes will cause stress. On one hand, you have lots of money but your relationships with your friends and family may suffer or fail all together. On the other hand, you have great relationships with those in your life but you lack money to provide for them.

If a balance between the two can’t be found, lacking in either personal relationships or money will cause immense amounts of stress. This is why having a good work-life balance is important to managing the stress that comes with being a Digital Marketer.

Finding that balance will take discipline. You may be someone who is more likely to choose work over being with those you love, or you may choose spending time with them over working.

In order to have a good work life balance, start by prioritizing what you need to get done. Set specific hours that you’ll work, and hours that you’ll spend with your personal life. Get the prioritized things done first during your work hours to ensure you’ll get them done.

If you prefer working, setting work hours will help you not go overboard and work too much. If you prefer your personal life, setting work hours will help hold you accountable when you should be working instead of doing anything else.

You should also make sure to work at a time when you shouldn’t have many personal obligations. For example, if you have kids, work when they’re at school so that you can spend your free time with them once they get home.

Or, if your friends are all planning a get-together at a specific time, work around it. You need to become okay with allowing yourself to spend time with people in your personal life, even if it means using up time that you could be working.

Then again, you also need to learn how to be realistic with yourself. Make sure you’re not doing so much personal stuff that your work ends up getting pushed to the side. Don’t procrastinate if you know you need to get work done.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult, but it is extremely necessary in getting rid of stress. Don’t let yourself spend too much time on your personal life, or too much time working.

Be realistic and plan your work schedule around things in your personal life that you want to spend time on. You can use strategies as simple as an egg timer to the Pomodoro Method to improve your time management.

Managing Isolation as a Digital Marketer

As a Digital Marketer, more than likely you will be working from home. Many people who become Digital Marketers start to feel isolated. There are ways to connect with people through your work that can help with those feelings of isolation.

At a typical workplace, you would be surrounded by co-workers at all times. Sometimes those who have worked jobs where they had co-workers find it hard to adapt to the lack of camaraderie that comes with no longer working around other people.

Sometimes handling a business on your own and having everything on your own plate can be extremely stressful. This is another thing that comes with working without co-workers.

However, there are many ways to be able to connect with others through your work. This way, you will still be able to keep the freedom that comes with being able to be your own boss and work for yourself, while overcoming the isolation.

One way you can connect with others is through networking with other marketers. Get to know people who work in the same industry as you through forums, or joining marketing groups on social media networks.

Befriending other Entrepreneurs on a personal level is helpful because it will help bring you out of that isolation and it will also allow you to have people to go to for guidance and support if you need any.

Another way to connect with other marketers is by attending events. There are events hosted for Entrepreneurs to meet each other and discuss business. Go to some of these events and rid yourself of the isolation.

You can also reach out to friends and family members if you would like. Working from home can give you the freedom to adjust your schedule to meet up with people and hang out with old friends or even make new ones.

Managing isolation as a Digital Marketer can be tough sometimes, but it is worth it. Feeling too isolated can cause a decline in mental health which can lead to not doing as well in your business.

Get rid of isolation by meeting other marketers who you can exchange advice and support with. Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there and connect with others, even if it’s to meet friends who aren’t Entrepreneurs.