10 Rules to Getting What You Want Out of Life

10 Rules to Getting What You Want Out of Life

These are the ten principles I use in life to be successful in three out of four endeavors. That’s correct. I fail about one out of four times. But then I get back up, remove the grass stains from my pants, and resume striving. Here are my guidelines (suggestions, pointers, laws, or whatever works for you). They may help you achieve all your goals:

#1 Forget Motivation

Motivation is a self-help con game that lasts only as long as you believe it will. Instead, concentrate on commitment. How dedicated are you to your objective? Why? What happens when you reach it? What will you give up in order to achieve it?

#2 Focus on The Journey

When people focus only on results, their will to succeed withers and dies like a daisy in the dry desert the first time they hit a roadblock. People who concentrate on the journey – learning, discovering, experimenting, and enhancing – continue to walk despite barriers.

#3 Have Fun

Why can’t these success books tell us about having fun? You won’t continue moving towards your objective if you don’t have fun. Life is a wonderful game (yes, it’s a GAME!) and if you take things too seriously, you will lose all perspective. Even the most important goal can be achieved if you approach it as though it were a game and simply have as much fun on the journey to that goal.

#4 Don’t Overthink

We all have a lot of thoughts going through our minds every single day. And those decisions shape our futures. Do you feel powerless, pessimistic, doubtful, or scared? I have no doubt that you will be successful in life if you choose to be happy, hopeful, optimistic, enthusiastic, and ready to leave your comfort zone at a moment’s notice

#5 Always Think Positive

A negative mindset will destroy your chances of succeeding. I know that I can’t change who you are – and you likely don’t want me to – but if you alter just one aspect of your life, let it be this: Let go of all negativity and resentments and surround yourself with positive people. Negative thinking is like cancer that eats away at your goals and aspirations every day of your life, so do what you can to get into the right mindset.

#6 Feel The Fear & Do it Anyway

Whatever it is you’re terrified to do, here’s how to get rid of your anxiety as soon as possible:


If you don’t, the dread will grow increasingly frightening until it seems impossible to overcome. If you do what’s frightening you, I guarantee it won’t be nearly as bad as you thought. In reality, you could discover that you enjoy it.

#7 Kill The Distractions

Can’t get enough of TV? Cancel your television subscription and sell the TV. Are you cleaning the house when you should be focusing on your business? Hire someone to clean your home for you. Do you have a pastime that keeps calling to your attention? Rent a storage container and move all of your hobby equipment inside it. Don’t open it again until you achieve your latest goal.

#8 It’s All You

Don’t expect someone else to take care of it for you.

Your partner, family, and friends all have their own lives. You are the one who will make anything happen that you desire.

That also entails being happy. There’s Nobody (NO ONE) who can make you happy but yourself.

#9 Let Others Help

Yes, I just informed you that whether or not you reach your goals is entirely up to you and no one else.

And it is.

That’s not to say you can’t pay someone to make the trip easier. You are still in control of who you hire and ensuring that they do their best work.

If you’re going to be successful, it’ll be because you achieved what was needed to succeed. Sometimes, this entails hiring other individuals to assist you along the road.

#10 Make A Plan

You’ve identified your objective, but what’s your strategy for getting there? You should know the next three actions you’ll need to take to accomplish your goal. Set aside time when you’ll complete these three phases, then get started on your plan.

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