15 Success Tips for New Freelance Writers

15 Success Tips for New Freelance Writers

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood

One of the best ways to generate a side income online is to be a freelance writer. It’s something you can do in your free time while still having a day job.

However, there are 2 unwritten requirements to becoming a successful freelance writer:

  1. You MUST be able to write well.
  2. You must be able to write fast.

A flair for writing will ensure that your clients are satisfied with the work you deliver. Being able to write fast will allow you to complete your ‘gigs’ faster and you’ll also be able to take on more work – and earn more.

In this article, you’ll learn 15 quick tips that will help you to earn more as a freelance writer. Let’s begin!

#1 Be In as Many Places as Possible

“If you take many shots in the dark, one is bound to hit the target.”

Unknown Author

This is very true. The more places potential clients can be exposed to your work, the higher your chances of getting hired.

Create an email account specifically for your writing jobs. Then use this email account to set up gigs or bid on jobs in several different freelancer marketplaces such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Legiit, and so on.

Every single day, you’ll check your email account for notification emails to see if you got a job. Spend 15-45 minutes bidding on jobs in freelancer platforms that require you to bid for work.

#2 Specialize in 1 to 3 Niches

Initially, when you’re trying to build your client base, you’ll want to write on any topic that comes your way. After all, you’re trying to develop a ‘portfolio’ and gain experience – and make money. Not being choosy means that it’s easier to get work.

However, as your skills improve and you have regular clients, you may wish to specialize in 1 to 3 niches, (e.g. weight loss, software, self-help, etc.) if you’re in non-fiction… and if you’re in fiction, 1 or 2 genres.

When you specialize in a niche/genre, you’ll study as much as you can about it, so that writing about it becomes easier. Now you can create writing gigs specifically for these niches.

Once you build a list of clients in these niches, you can stop taking on work where you need to write on random topics for different clients.

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