List Building Basics for Beginners

List Building Basics for Beginners

One of the most exciting as well as intimidating tasks you will have as an online entrepreneur is to build a list of dedicated followers who turn to you for advice and problem solving tips.

List building is one of those exercises that have a mixture of technical and strategic steps. There are different tools that you can use as well as techniques you can implement to cultivate a subscriber database.

Many marketers will give differing advice about which tools you should invest in as well as which strategies you should integrate into your online efforts, so you will have to analyze your options and then pick what you think will work best for you.

What Is a List & Why Should You Have One?

Time and time again you will hear Internet marketers repeat a quote that says, “The money is in the list.” There’s a very good reason for this. When you are an offline business owner in a town, customers who visit your location can return easily and give you repeat business.

But in the online world, your website will be one of millions, and the consumer usually won’t see it again unless they specifically search for it. You can eliminate this obstacle in building a rapport with your customers and generating repeat profits by allowing them to subscribe to a newsletter that you send to their email inbox.

A list is simply a database that houses the names and email addresses of people who agree to receive communications from you in the future. Sometimes, unethical marketers spam customers without them having ever agreed to receive emails. This is a big no-no.

You want to cater to people who have specifically asked for more information from you. There are many different reasons people will sign up to your list. They may have seen you showcasing some of your expertise online, on a social networking site or elsewhere.

Or, they may see your free opt in offer, also known as a lead magnet, and sign up as a way to get a free download. Regardless of how they find you or why they ultimately hand over their contact details, you are being given an opportunity to become one of the leading experts this person turns to for solutions and guidance.

There are many money making opportunities you will have once you build a list of subscribers. You can create information products that you promote to your list, and also recommend digital and tangible products to your subscribers as an affiliate where you earn a commission.

If you fail to build a list, then you will have to work extra hard trying to rank your website at the top of the search engine results pages so that you can continually pull in new customers, which is harder than retaining proven buyers.

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