Digital Marketing Success Secrets

Digital Marketing Success Secrets

#3 They Don’t Copycat Others

One sad thing that you will see time and time again when it comes to newbies trying to succeed online, is that they never have an original idea. All they’re interested in is becoming a cookie cutter marketer to replicate exactly what someone else is doing in the hopes that it will bring them riches.

Truly successful entrepreneurs are trail blazers. But, they are not reinventing the wheel. It is possible for you to stick to a beaten path, yet set yourself apart by tweaking well established concepts others will appreciate.

One reason many newcomers fail to set themselves apart in this manner is because they fear the ridicule that accompanies experimental progress. If your efforts fail, you assume everyone will be laughing at you behind your back.

The truth is, everyone is too wrapped up in their own efforts to waste time picking on you. If you can brainstorm some different ways of doing things, and present those to your audience, you may have some who don’t care for your method, and others who appreciate having the new option.

#4 They Use the Competition for Their Own Success

When people first get started online, they often eye the competition as the enemy. Successful marketers understand that competition can be leveraged to their benefit. Especially with online niche leadership, it’s beneficial to form relationships with those you are competing against.

Customers will often follow more than one niche leader, and if you isolate yourself from the top advisors, you will be locked out of a strategic sharing aspect that goes with this business.

The competitors will have the power to help you gain more subscribers, increase traffic to your blog, and earn more profits if you let them. This is a two way street, so you will be helping them, too.

That’s why it’s important that you surround yourself with the right kinds of competitors. You don’t want to be aligning yourself with any marketers who have developed a shady reputation.

#5 They Know When to Listen to Their Audience – and When Not to

As an online niche leader, it’s important for you to understand and address the needs of your audience. It will be your responsibility to identify their common pain points and provide solutions that can help them.

You also want to listen to feedback from your subscribers whenever they feel comfortable enough to voice their opinions about what you share and how you share it. This can help you level up in terms of content creation and communication.

However, you have to know when to listen and simply ignore their advice. Remember, these people are coming to you as the expert. They will have their own preferences that may not align with how you want to operate your business.

For example, you may have one to five individuals who contact you and tell you they hate long emails. Instead of listening to those five individuals out of thousands, you will want to look at the track record of your emails to see how they perform for you in terms of conversions.

If they’re performing well, but you wonder if shorter emails will do even better, then you can split test it to gain some solid information. Or, you can query your audience to see what the majority would prefer.

Usually, there are a few loud people in the bunch. The rest are perfectly satisfied, but they don’t voice their satisfaction. Instead, the complainers get all of the attention. Make sure you don’t cave to each and every request until you carefully consider it.

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