Digital Marketing Success Secrets

Digital Marketing Success Secrets

#6 They Step Up to Help Others Free Without the Fanfare

If you look at any marketing forum, you will undoubtedly see multiple people begging for someone to offer free advice and guidance. Even though there are numerous videos and reports circulating online, they want one on one help.

You’ll often see people complaining that no one will help them. What you don’t see are the hundreds of individual incidents where a successful person sees a question from someone who is struggling and quietly contacts them directly to offer insight and assistance.

It’s important that you, as a niche leader, take time to periodically help those who need the advice you have to offer without charging for it. Obviously, you need to make a living with this career, so you won’t be doing this 24/7.

But helping others is actually a great way to develop your communication skills, find how to best serve your audience, and get ideas for future info products you can sell to your customers.

#7 They Feel No Shame About Their Failures

While newbie marketers sit and suffer shame over each and every failure, successful marketers chalk it up to a learning experience that will makes them better leaders. Most successful Entrepreneurs have experienced dozens, if not hundreds of failures.

Some of them were small blips, while others were colossal disasters. If you look at the interviews of some of the world’s richest individuals, you will find that just about every one of them has a long string of failures in their past.

What this showcases is not incompetence, but instead their drive and determination to achieve their goals in the face of all odds. These are the people who have overcome every obstacle to cross the finish line when others gave up.

Of course, no one wants to experience failure on any level. We all want to achieve our goals in the shortest amount of time possible with the least amount of resistance. But if you happen to stumble along the way, take pride in the fact that you got back up and kept going.

The only failure they fear is in not attempting to do something at all. The shame they would suffer sitting on the sidelines, paralyzed, is worse than anything they could experience having tried unsuccessfully.

#8 They Shoulder Responsibility for 100% of Their Business

Many unsuccessful Entrepreneurs like to play the blame game. If anything goes wrong in terms of a customer service issue, they point fingers to blame the platform it is sold on, the customer’s incompetence or misunderstanding, or something else.

If content is late, they blame freelance writers for missing a deadline. When you are a Solopreneur, you have to accept personal responsibility for every aspect of your business.

Even if you are outsourcing or delegating to someone else, it is your responsibility to first screen your freelancers for a history of on time deliverables and then keep in touch to ensure milestones are met along the way.

If a customer service issue pops up because of a technical glitch in a system, you will quickly rush to meet the customer’s needs and go above and beyond making up for the blunder.

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