10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

One of the most daunting tasks for any marketer, whether new or experienced, is getting traffic to their opt-in forms as well as their paid offers. And without targeted visitors, you will be less likely to build a list, make sales, and build a brand online as a leading expert.

Many marketers who are in the business of guiding others in this industry like to teach people that the only solution is to fork over a sum of money and pay for the traffic they need. This is not true, and in fact you have a number of easy and effective options at your disposal.

Some of them require more work than others, but if you are willing to learn the process and do the steps, You can have a steady stream of free traffic funneling to your blog, lead magnet pages, and info products.

#1 Leverage Another Person’s List

Let’s get the one that requires the most work out-of-the-way first. If you really want to get traffic to your site and build a list, you can create a course that is a perfect fit for another person’s list.

It needs to be someone far more successful than you with a bigger following. You need to spend ample time researching this and understanding what the other marketer promotes, how often they promote, and at what price point.

Then, you will create a product or an entire funnel and offer at least a 50% commission to the other party. If you truly want to maximize your efforts, you can simply offer a 100% commission on the front end of the funnel.

This will virtually guarantee that, as long as your product is worthwhile, the marketer will jump onboard and send all of their subscribers to your offer. When these individuals purchase your product, they will be put on your list and given the opportunity to confirm their subscription.

You can do this with multiple marketers, not just one. But if you expect to do a bare minimum amount of work and get those with the biggest and most responsive lists to promote for you, you’ll be mistaken.

The info product has to be highly valuable to their subscriber list so that it will convert well. You need to spend a good amount of time creating a professional looking sales page and sales copy to go on it.

Give the marketer at least a two week cushion from the time you inform them about it to the actual launch. They may want time to create a bonus or to simply schedule it into their emails.

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