10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

#2 Tap Into the Second Biggest Search Engine Rankings

Google, as we all know, is the number one search engine in the world. But coming up in second place is YouTube. While this is a video only site, it is the place many people turn to when they want exact information about a niche topic.

Whether you want to be on camera or off, you can make videos that provide tips for your audience, step-by-step tutorials they can implement, product reviews, and more. You want to learn how to create short, effective videos that people engage with so that they will subscribe to your channel and follow the links in your description that lead to your website.

You can use free tools to assist you in your video creations. Canva has templates for slide presentations that work well for videos. CamStudio is another free tool that allows you to capture your screen on video and then edit the video if needed before you publish it to YouTube.

Take a look at the videos in your niche that have the best numbers in terms of statistics for views and engagement, and learn what the best practices are to get the same results.

For example, some niche audiences may respond best to a three minute video, while others respond better to one that is almost 10 minutes long. Make sure you’re using keywords and topics that help you generate interest and put a link to your site in the description as well as on the video itself.

#3 Bring in Long Tail Search Traffic

Instead of driving traffic to your site and offers, you can also bring traffic in with a strategic search engine optimized (SEO) blog. Don’t let the idea of search engine optimization intimidate you.

While it’s true that it is harder to rank for broad keywords, if you will hone in on long tail searches, you will find the ranking process much easier to dominate. First, find a free keyword research tool that you can use.

You want to look up a main long tail keyword phrase as well as additional, similar long tail keyword phrases that you can use in your blog posts. Then, create content based on those phrases that most other niche marketers are not targeting and watch as your posts begin to quickly get indexed and ranked on the first page of Google.

For example, let’s say you have an info product on survival preparedness for beginners. You can begin pulling in traffic by posting on your blog for long tail keyword phrases such as survival preparedness food list, survival preparedness supplies, and other relevant keyword phrases that your target audience will appreciate.

When you pull the traffic into your site, make sure you have a way to capture their name and email address so that you can market to them at a later date. You can also promote your info product directly in your blog post by linking out to it.

#4 Put the Spotlight on a Competitor

It may sound odd, but sometimes, discussing the benefits of your competitor can actually help bring traffic to your site. There are two different ways that you can use this strategy.

First, you can simply blog about a competitor who has a similar target audience to you. When you do this, people who are searching for that person’s name will see the information come up in search engine results pages (SERPs) on your blog post and want to see what you have to say about them.

You don’t want to be blogging about competitors in a negative way. This can backfire against you and cause an online war of words that will only reflect poorly on you as a niche professional.

Instead, you want to highlight the benefits of the other person and what they bring to the table. You can even reach out to the other niche colleague and let them know about the blog post.

Instead of wording it in a way that makes it sound as if the other person is the go to expert, you will be wording it as if he or she is an equal to you, and someone else that you feel your audience may appreciate.

That way, when the other niche marketer sees the praise about them on your blog, they will likely share it with their audience because it is like a glowing review. They can share it to their email subscribers and on social media as well.

It may even open the door for future joint venture opportunities. Another way you can achieve this goal is to ask one of your competitors if they would like to guest blog on your site.

Some people like to do this because they then control the narrative and the content when their name is mentioned. As in the other example, they will likely share the final published blog post that they created as a guest on your blog with their email subscriber audience as well as their social media followers.

Both of these situations provide a perfect opportunity for you to get people to land on your site, be exposed to your lead magnet offer, navigate to other content to view your expertise, and more.

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