10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

10 Ways to Get Traffic Without Spending Money

#5 Use Facebook Groups as a Springboard

Facebook groups act as a great springboard to targeted traffic that goes to your site. While you may not have a lot of people coming to your site initially, Facebook has a built-in audience for a wide variety of niche topics.

You can start a Facebook group for free and showcase your insight and knowledge with people who join your group. Make sure that your group is public so that anyone can join and participate.

You can control who is able to post in the group so that you don’t attract a bunch of spammers that will run off genuine, prospective customers. Whenever you blog on your own domain, you can then share the link to that post within your group, sending those members back to your website so that they can get on your list, purchase your products, and become loyal followers.

#6 Use the Link in Bio Option on Instagram and TikTok

There are some sites that don’t allow much of an opportunity for people to link in every single post that they create. While sites like YouTube and Facebook are good about this, other sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok allow you to have a link in your bio.

You want to make sure that you are linking to a page where you are building your subscriber base. Your lead magnet page will allow you to contact these social media users in the future, rather than hoping they decide to visit your site at a later date.

Instagram and Tik Tok are both known for visual social media posts. Instagram is primarily images, although it does include video as well. Tik Tok is strictly video. Both sites have a wide variety of niche audiences on them and you can reach them easily by being creative with your content and using relevant hashtags so that they can find your posts.

#7 Showcase Your Expertise to Generate Interest

Another thing you can do to send traffic to your website for free is to join forums where you can help others. Usually, what happens in a forum is like-minded people who are all struggling get together and voice their concerns, confusion, and more.

In many forums, there are very few people, if any, who step up to serve those who are having a hard time finding solutions to the problems they are experiencing. You can spend a short amount of time each day popping into a forum that is relevant to your niche, finding one or two people to help, and developing thorough and thoughtful responses to their posts.

In some forums, they will allow you to have a signature file, which is a hyperlink and text or image that appears below every comment you make on the forum. This is a great place to link out to your lead magnet page.

But even if the forum does not allow a signature file, most will allow you to enter the name of your site and the URL in your profile. If you are good at communicating with the audience on the forum, they will likely click on your profile to learn more about you, which is when they will see your link and follow it to your site.

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