How to Write an Interview-Style Blog Post

How to Write an Interview-Style Blog Post

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Have you ever wanted to interview someone but found it difficult to come up with questions? If so, this blog post is for you. I will cover how to research an interview subject, the format of the interview and some tips on collecting information from your interviewee.

Choose Someone to Interview

If you don’t already have someone in mind, the first step to creating an interview blog post is to choose the potential interviewee.

Choose someone you are interested in interviewing! This person should be someone who is involved and knowledgeable on the topic you want to interview them about. They can be a professional, like an engineer or doctor, but they could also just be your neighbor down the street whose family has lived in your town for generations.

Think about someone that your audience might be interested to hear from. This might be someone who is inspiring, who has had a journey or has a story to share.

Research The Interviewee

Next, you will want to think about what questions you would like to ask during your interview. Try to come up with unique & compelling questions to ask. If there are articles published about them, you’ll probably want to read them. Or maybe they have their own blog and you can read some of their content and things like their ‘About Me’ page. Learn more about their product line as well. If they have an affiliate program, make sure you sign up and get your affiliate links.

Prepare for The interview

It will be helpful for you, as the interviewer, to have a list of questions in advance of doing the interview so that the interviewee can come up with possible responses beforehand and make sure they are prepared with any stats, facts or other information they may want to use in the interview. Throw in a few impromptu questions to keep the interviewee on their toes.

At the very least, you will want to have the interview recorded. Edit out any mess-ups with Audacity & post the final audio with your blog post. Be sure to provide the edited audio to the interviewee for them to post on their own website or podcast. Zoom recordings work well too, but your interviewee may be uncomfortable being on camera, so keep that in mind.

Writing The Interview Blog Post

Once you have conducted the interview, it is time to create the blog post. Most interview-style posts go one of two ways:

  • A straight-forward questions and answers from the interview (transcript)
  • A news style article that includes snippets and quotes from the interview as well as background information and biographical details about the interviewee

You could even create both styles and use the Q&A style on your blog and the news style article to publish on article sites and news sites or as a press release.

The first thing you need to do is write a post stating that an interview will be published soon. This entices people to visit your blog as they know something interesting is coming. Then, once the information has been collected, publish it onto your blog in Q&A form so that it is easy to read and accurate to what was said.

Then, you need to publish the interview onto your blog. If people want more information or have questions, they can read the Q&A style post and it will answer most of their questions.

Formatting The Blog Post

It is important that you use a consistent structure for both styles. This lets the readers know what to expect.

Decide on your structure and how you want the interview post to look. Do you want to include photos of the person and/or about the topic you were discussing? You may need to have these sourced beforehand and ensure you have the right permission to use them.

Have an introductory paragraph at the start that introduces the person and talks a little about their background.

Then finish at the end with a summary of what was said during the interview or the most important points. You may want to link to their own website, products, Wikipedia page or even a Facebook profile.

Making an Interesting Read

A good interview is an interesting read that gives insight into the person and the topic or offers helpful tips or information. Writing them can provide you with good content to share on social media and it provides great networking opportunities.

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