List Building Basics for Beginners

List Building Basics for Beginners

Generating Traffic to Your Opt in Offer

Once you have your technical and strategic steps implemented for the list building process, you’ll want to begin testing the waters to send traffic to your landing page and see how it converts.

There are many different ways that you can send or pull in prospective subscribers to your sign up forms. You will want to try a mix of the following strategies to see what works best in your niche.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your blog is search engine optimized. By doing this, your site will rank for common keywords and phrases that prospective subscribers are typing into Google and other search engines.

When they arrive on your blog to read an article about a topic which you have ranked well for, they will be presented with your signup form in both the sidebar as well as below your post. You can even include some sort of pop up form if you want to.

Social networking sites are another good way to send traffic to your landing page. Whether you are using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, or another network, you should always have a link to your landing page so that when someone sees interesting content from you, they can follow it and sign up to learn more.

Signature files in forums are effective in getting people to your site so that they can sign up to your list. Depending on how well you participate in niche forums, you could generate a buzz about your insight and advice.

Check in periodically in the forums in your niche to see what people need help with. Create a well thought out response that will stand out among the other shallow replies. Your signature file, which is a text hyperlink that appears below each post you make in a forum, will direct people to your landing page and freebie.

Selling a product is another great way to get people on your list. Whether it’s a low cost product, a high ticket one, or anything in between, when someone buys your product, you can have your email system automatically send out a confirmation to get them on your list.

All you need to do to have this in place is to connect to your email autoresponder from within the platform that you are selling from. For example, you can do this on places like Warrior Plus, if you are selling a digital info product.

Viral freebies can help you get subscribers on your list, too. You might think it’s counterproductive to allow people to freely distribute reports that you create, but if you have your landing page hyperlinked inside to an additional free gift, which they will find by signing up to your list, it can only help, rather than hurt your efforts.