Quickie Guide to Google My Business

Quickie Guide to Google My Business


A GMB listing is extremely important for SEO. It ensures you appear at the top of the search engine and reach more people. So, master and apply the best ways of optimizing your GMB account for high rankings.

?      Use Keywords:

Add proper keywords to your business name, description, and posts to appear on Google’s search engine. Know which keywords to use as well as how and where to apply them. Search Engine Optimization is something that you need to continue improving or working on over and over. It is not something you work on once and set aside. Continuously improving your SEO tactics will help you to rank high and remain at the top.

?      Use Posts:

Posts are a great way of effectively communicating with your customers and keeping them engaged as well as updated. So, post regularly. Publish upcoming as well as past events, interesting offers, discounts, and promotions. Be careful with word-selection when adding descriptions to your posts. Share relevant information such as the purpose of your post, the name or location of the upcoming event, how long your offer is going to last, and so on. Use the right keywords.

?      Verify Your Information:

Keep your profile information accurate and up to date. It shows how professional you are and assures potential as well as existing clients that you take your business seriously. Avoid keeping your website on your profile when it is down or no longer in use. Don’t leave your office address when you have moved or have decided to work from home. Review your details from time to time and if you have new contact details, for example, make sure you update them.

Have proper working hours on your page. Don’t say operating hours start from 7 am to 5 pm and not be available at that time to address clients’ needs. If your working hours have changed, go ahead and edit your profile with the current information.

?      Use Reviews:

Use customer reviews to rank high on Google, attract more people to your site, and prove your reliability as an organization. 5-star or 4-star reviews are the best marketing tool you need to keep growing your business. So, if you can get at least a couple, every month, you will drastically boost your SEO.

Reach out to clients via email. Use an email campaign to make things easier. Ask a few questions and have them, fill-in, their answers. Don’t take too much of their time. A one-minute survey would do. Ask about the name of the purchased product, their experiment, what they liked best, what changes they would like to see, future suggestions, etc. Keep your questions short and provide a way for them to easily and effortlessly respond.

Respond politely and on time to every review you get. Good or bad. When you receive negative feedback, say “Thank you so much for taking the time to send us your review. We are sorry you had a bad experience with our product. We will look into your complaint and make necessary changes” or “Your review will help us to improve our product. Thank you so much for your feedback.” This will show the client that you value their honest opinion and feedback. It will keep them interested in reviewing your next product as well.