Quickie Guide to Google My Business

Quickie Guide to Google My Business


Account owners often fall prey to some of the most common GMB mistakes and end up having their accounts suspended. You don’t want to be one of them.

So, know what to avoid and take advantage of the power that the platform brings.

?      Unverified Business Listing:

Ensure you verify your listing to have full control over your account. Most business owners neglect this important step and end up having their listing reclaimed or deleted. Verifying allows you to publish posts, keep your information up to date, and make changes whenever you desire to. It is also a great way of ensuring your profile gets displayed at the top right side of search results when someone types in or searches for services or products related to your business. 

Use any of the previously mentioned verification methods to claim your listing. For example, phone or email. 

?      Failing to Optimize Images for SEO:

Adding and uploading images to your posts is a great way of interacting with users. However, if you want to improve your rankings, be sure to optimize them. Use alternative texts on your photos for the best SEO results.

?      Failing to Give Sufficient Information:

Google uses NAP or your company name, address, and phone number to get you on the front page of search results as well as to prove the legitimacy of your business. make sure your NAP information is consistent throughout your online platforms. For instance, your GMB profile and your site. Giving inadequate or incorrect information can ruin your reputation. So, provide accurate and sufficient information to your customers. If there are any recent changes to upcoming events, promotions, or products, make sure you mention that.

If your location, website, or operating hours have changed, update your profile. This will boost SEO, help you to dodge negative reviews, and put your business a step ahead of the competition.

?      Not Adding The Questions & Answers (FAQ) Section:

One of the main things that give rise to “Awful experience” or “A total waste of money and time” are unanswered questions. If you promise on-time responses and a user visits your page and asks about your product only to receive an answer 6 or 24 hours later, you will lose credibility as a business owner. Adding or posting a Frequently Asked Questions & Answers section will help you to resolve that.

So, have an exhaustive list of commonly asked questions and provide answers for each. Mention the FAQ section on your posts time and again to help your visitors quickly get answers to their pressing issues.

?      Not Responding to Customer Reviews:

When you have reached your SEO, marketing, and sales goals, don’t neglect client reviews. Respond to every one of them as they come. If you are too busy to respond, ask a team member to fill in your shoes. This will motivate your satisfied client to advertise your services to friends and family. It is also a great sign to prospective customers who are visiting your page.