Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

There are many things that you can do to improve your business and drive sales. One of the biggest tools at your disposal is your copywriting skill. If you’re good in this area, you’ll be able to hook your audience and see more conversions.

Most people have to spend time learning the craft because they don’t feel comfortable asking for the sale. But it’s an easy skill to learn, once you know what to look for and test out in your own copy.

Pay Attention to Your Conversions

It’s a mistake to write copy and then never follow up on what it’s doing for you. If you don’t know this information, you have no idea how potential customers are perceiving your pitch.

You can end up with fewer conversions if it’s not coming across correctly. Conversions will tell you if your wording is resonating with potential buyers or not having a strong impact with them.

You may already have an analytics tool installed on your website. If not, you can easily install one. You need to look at the analytics because these are measurements showing how many people are coming to your website.

They also show what they’re doing while they’re on your website, like which page they visit and how long they stay on it. The analytics tool can also show what links they click on.

If you get a high bounce rate, it means that people are leaving quickly after landing there. If you see a low bounce rate, it means they’re engaging with your copy even if they don’t necessarily follow through with a purchase.

In that case, your copy might be great, but there could be a problem with your call to action – or even something technical like the buttons or your shopping cart. Any time you have an issue on your site, this can cause potential customers to walk away because many won’t take the time to reach out to let you know they experienced a problem.

Your analytics will also show your traffic sources, such as where the traffic is coming from. For example, it might show that you’re getting traffic from your social media sites. When you post something that captures interest or addresses a problem, people will go check out what else you have to say on the subject.

But analytics can also provide insight into why your copy may not be converting. For example, it won’t help to get tons of traffic from dating sites if you run a business site. The traffic that arrives won’t be expecting your type of offer.

So no one will stick around and you may be left wondering if the problem is your copy. You’ll end up tweaking it again and again and will still get the same lack of results. Keep in mind that a standard conversion rate is around 2 to 3 percent.

If you see a conversion rate lower than that, your copy needs to be reworked. If you see a rate higher than that, you’re most likely doing something right. You can usually see these types of conversion rates if you have an experienced affiliate with a large audience promoting your offers.

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