Video Marketing for GenXers

Video Marketing for GenXers

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For many GenXer’s embarking on their journey of entrepreneurship, there are many obstacles that feel intimidating. For example, fast-changing technology might be one area they feel insecure about.

Another could be the confidence they lack in putting themselves out there. The younger generation has grown up immersed in social networks and apps, and have no reluctance being on screen, talking about whatever comes to mind.

But if you’re a GenXer who wants to not only compete for, but connect with your audience, you’ll want to get over these hesitations and fears and master things like video marketing, which captures more of your personality and allows your target audience to build a bond with you as a leading expert in an easier manner.

Video Marketing As A Powerful Branding Tool

For some people, video as a media format is something that is done by other. The technical tasks involved in recording and editing videos, not to mention publishing it and putting themselves on camera are enough to make any newbie niche marketer freeze up.

Unfortunately, those that are able to utilize video as a marketing tool get to enjoy an accelerated method of connecting with and catering to their target audience. It’s not hard to master video marketing – but when it’s an unknown strategy, it can be intimidating.

Most marketers have self-doubt around doing video marketing. They have concerns about their appearance, the sound of their voice or worry that their lack of confidence as a niche expert will shine through on screen.

You can learn how to minimize these fears and tap into the traffic that video marketing can provide with some easy steps that will have you taking action and leveling up with your video content.

Video marketing is going to give you the opportunity to reach your audience in a different way. Some people only learn from videos. Others enjoy breaking up the monotony of text with an occasional video.

You get to use these in a variety of areas within your marketing activities. They can be embedded on your blog posts, your About page, your opt-in page, in a sales letter or even created as the main product you sell to your customers!

If you’re worried that you’ll have to create an in-house studio just because you saw some marketing guru bragging about his green screen and lighting set up, please don’t. All it takes is a smart phone or other recording device.

Once you start using video, you’ll notice that your audience begins feeling more comfortable with you. They’re getting to know you better – your voice, your smile – and the connection will help you increase your subscriber list and ultimately, your profits.

Everyone always frets so much about trying to rank in Google. But did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine, being owned by Google? So by having a YouTube channel, you’re adding one more way you can beat the competition when it comes to attracting the attention of your target audience.

And even on Google itself, when someone searches for a topic, you may notice one or two videos are in the search results pages. That could be your video ranking easier than a text-based blog post could!

Another powerful component of video marketing is the viral ability it gives your content. People in the same niche can embed your video with the branding onto their blog and social media profiles.

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