Video Marketing for GenXers

Video Marketing for GenXers

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Additional Ways to Weave Videos Into Your Business

Affiliate reviews and product creation aren’t the only two ways you can use videos for your marketing efforts online. One thing you may want to do is turn the tables and get your audience involved in video.

Video testimonials are very effective – much more so than simple short quotes with a static picture that many marketers use to showcase customer approval of their products. If you can ask your customers to create a video testimonial, you can embed that right on the sales page so others can see and hear the glowing reviews.

You may also want to interview others in your industry about their niche expertise on camera, using a split screen effect. Don’t view them as competition that needs to be avoided, but rather as fellow entrepreneurs who you can work with to expand each other’s branding and exposure to the audience.

Another thing you can do is create somewhat of a news channel for your niche. The videos posted on this channel should be ripe with new stories and trending information so that as soon as something breaks, your video is first to grab the attention for it.

You can also create video replies to other expert niche marketers. Whether you agree with them, disagree or just have more to add, whenever you see someone else’s video that evokes a response in you, it’s a good idea to post a video reply.

This helps you leverage the original video creator’s traffic. The only thing you don’t want to do is become a troublemaker where all you ever do is create videos slamming another expert or trying to constantly poke holes in their theories and ideas.

If you don’t exactly know what to make a video about, consider buying video PLR (private label rights). Video PLR is just like text-based PLR where it’s created for you to use with your name on it.

You have the right to edit it, use your audio over theirs, and more. Usually, video PLR sellers will provide you with a transcript of the recording. That way, you can record your voice to their video and save it as something you created.

Or, you can simply use it as is. Some marketers want to use video but not create it. If this describes you, then you might want to just have an intro and outro created by a freelancer to add to the beginning and end of the video PLR piece and use it to help brand your business and generate traffic.

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