Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Learn About the Elements That Go Into a Successful Sales Page

There are certain elements that are a must have in order for your sales page to be successful. One of these elements is the right headline. Your headline has a job to do right away and that’s to immediately address the reader’s need.

This catches their attention and gives them the assurance that they’re going to see the answer to their problem if they just keep reading. The headline can offer the selling point or benefit, or it can be written as a how-to – such as, “How to lose weight in three easy steps.”

You also want to be sure that you use sub-headlines. This can be a sentence or even just a few words that gives more information about what the headline is stating. For example, a main headline might say: Lose 20 Pounds in 10 Days and under that, the sub-headline might say: Simple Carb Trick to Help You Shed Pounds.

On your sales page, you’ll create a storyline. In this, your text will talk about the product or make the offer. This is where you focus on the benefits of doing business with you.

Within this frame, you’ll overcome any objections or naysayers about your product.

For example, you might say, “You’ve tried to lose weight in the past and failed. Here’s why this product will work for you.” Then go on to explain why it is that what they tried previously didn’t work for them and how your product is different or better.

Some sales pages will include testimonials here. Don’t make up your testimonials. Use ones from real customers, even if you give a few people a trial of your product and request feedback you can use.

Use bullet points on your sales page. You want to do this because bullet points can explain or point out additional features. This motivates the customer and makes reading the information easier.

When you have long, unbroken pieces of text on your page, readers can lose interest and stop reading. You want the product you’re presenting to be broken down into easy to understand bites of information.

Bullet points often tell the potential customer how great or how much better their life is going be because of the product. It’s something they can quickly scan to see if the product will meet their needs.

Your page also needs to have a call to action (CTA). This is what tells the site visitor what they need to do next. This can be something short like, “Buy Now!” or “Get Access.” Or it can be a call to action telling the visitor to subscribe or sign up for something.

You can also use a sentence in a call to action such as, “Want to find out how you can boost your profits? Click here.” Your CTA button or link should be easy to see, so make sure it stands out on your page.

A buy button is just like it sounds. Your page needs a button that users can click on to purchase the product. If you use a buy button as your CTA, you don’t have to have to both of these on the page.

Use post scripts as well. These are just simple lines that reiterate the main gist of your selling page. It’s covering the main points – and some visitors will scroll straight to the post scripts to see what your page and product is about.

So you would remind the read of his problem, and tell him about how you’ll solve it. You should also use post scripts to create a sense of immediacy. This creates urgency so that the potential buyer is presented with the reason he must take action as the last information he sees.