Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Practice and Improve with Your Copy Skills

When you first start out writing copy, it’s probably not going to be your best writing work. But that’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere. Once you get started, your writing skills will improve.

Look at the way other marketers or websites handle their copy. Study how it’s done. You’ll find there are different ways and styles, but you will also find a lot of similarities. Understand that the art of writing copy can be different depending on the style that’s chosen. You may have learned about these writing styles in school but didn’t realize that it pertains to copywriting.

The main styles are analytical, narrative, expository, persuasive and argumentative. When you’re trying to convince an audience to take action, like buy a product or sign up for a list, then the style that you’re most likely using is persuasive.

This type of writing focuses on the emotion of the reader. That’s an important fact when you want people to do something. Many writers make the mistake of writing copy for themselves.

They try to write formally and focus on what they want. But you should always write in a natural and conversational tone and you should write with the reader in mind. The reader always wants to know WIIFM – or, what’s in it for me?

To get to the answer to this question for your reader, you need to tap into his or her emotions. Find the link between your product or service and what the reader needs.

Discover their fears or what they long for.

Get to the bottom of their frustrations. Understand their goals or dreams. Knowing this allows you to write copy that connects with a reader even if your writing isn’t top notch. By tapping into the emotions, your words will resonate with readers and they’ll see the need for your product.

In order to improve your writing skills, there are a few things that you can do. Make sure you do your homework. You need to understand the features and benefits of whatever it is you’re offering to the reader.

Specifically, how it’s going to help the reader make a change, improve their life, etc. By knowing about the product and why these benefits are needed by the reader, you can overcome any objections.

Once you know how to overcome objections, you can hone your writing skills by writing practice sales pages. Take your own products and practice writing a sales page for them.

Or, take someone else’s product and create a mockup sales page for that. Practice will do a lot to improve your writing skills because you’ll get more comfortable the more you do it.