Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Are You Lacking in Copywriting Skills?

Study Successful Copywriters and Sales Pages

If you want to overcome a lack of copywriting skills, you need to become a student. You need to learn what it is that you’re missing. The best way to do this is to go straight to the source.

Find plenty of good sales pages. Observing what’s actually working can teach you a lot. In any niche that you’re in, there will be people who are making serious income simply because they know how to write good copy.

Those are the people that you need to pay attention to. Look at what they’re putting on their sales pages. Check out what fonts they’re using. See how they’re wording their call to action.

Look over whether or not they’re using testimonials. Find out what bonuses they’re offering, if any. Locating this information is what you can use to create your own winning sales copy.

That doesn’t mean that you head over to someone else’s site and blatantly copy exactly what they’re doing. It isn’t moral/ethical to copy someone else’s words. To some degree, ideas can’t be copyrighted, so multiple people can have the exact same idea.

But the key is in how you take that idea and put your own spin on it. You can pattern your sales page after someone else’s format, but you can’t use identical wording. For example, if a page has an image, then text, then more images, you’re free to format your page in the same style.

But if they have a paragraph where they talk about the benefits of a product that you’re also promoting, you can’t swipe that and paste it. Instead, decide what you’d like to say about the product and use that original wording instead.

What you’re looking for in your study are common elements. Every sales page is going to do things in a similar way. Some are going to have giant fonts that draw the eye. You can do the same if that’s what’s selling.

To find out what’s selling well, you want to visit the sites like ClickBank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo or even Share-A-Sale. Look on their bestseller categories to find out what’s hot. Then check out these sales pages used by these sellers.

What you’re looking for is everything that they’re using for their copy. You’ll notice that many of these pages are going to have similarities. There’s a reason for that. These sellers are using what’s working for them.

Some of them may have all text on their landing pages. They might use specific colors in their fonts. Or, they might have a certain way that they place the text on the page. You’ll want to pattern your sales page like this.

Other sellers are going to have video sales letters as well as or instead of text on their pages. What you have to do is study each of the pages and determine how often these elements are being used. Then take the commonalities that you see and apply them to designing your sales page.